We are both angles from the center region of Portugal, Ribatejo to be exact, and we are totally bass fishing addicted, and we both compete in bass fishing competitions, on boat and from the bank.

After we met each other in 2015 we saw that we had a common dream... To fabricate our own baits, with our own designs and found the first portuguese soft bait brand for predators in both salt and freshwater. After a lot of researches, forwards and setbacks, in 2018 Money Baits is finally born, with the fabrication all made at home hand injected , but with strong will of satisfying the needs of all anglers.

One of our main focus will always be to have a competitive price so that every angler with every wallet can buy it, because we think everyone should have the possibility of having quality products at a small price.

The other focus is the quality of the components that we use, we always try to have high quality material so that the final product will also be of superior quality that can provide the results every angles wants... to catch lots of fish.